niko perere

Niko perere ( Nicolò de chirico ), up-beat illustration and design has been commissioned by cultural, social and commercial clients around the world He has also gained a following in the design world for his innovative collaborations with friends and fellow artists, designers, print.
Perere works across a range of media, including posters, moving image,three-dimensional work and street art. He combines an instinctive handling of colour and composition with a witty approach to words. He has worked on advertising campaigns and posters for clients such as Abacab fashion factory, Dunlop clothing, discographic label, ghostbusters clothing and store concept project. He regularly collaborates with musicians and discoteque to art direction, music promos and animations, using his distinctive visual vocabulary and passion for fusing sound and image.
Printmaking is an important part of Perere's practice and he creates limited edition prints with slogans music that have become mantras for the design community and beyond. Perere has also taken part in group and solo exhibitions around the italy.
Perere was born in Terlizzi, Bari. After studying visual art and design at accademy for art and design he completed the study in a clothing industry . He now lives in Bari and works in Milan.

Nov 12